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I have provided proofing, editing, research, custom writing, ghost writing, songwriting, webwriting, and graphic design services to writers, poets, businesses, and organizations for over ten years.

I am also an independent recording artist/performer and can provide musical entertainment and workshops on songwriting and creativity. You can hear my music at


Proofing/Editing: Books of any length, reports, advertising/promotional material, website content.

Research: For Canadian topics with the exception of highly scientific or trades related content. (Travel and extraordinary expenses may apply.)

Custom Writing/Ghost Writing: Take existing information and present it in the desired format. Enhancing and elaborating on existing stories/themes.

Songwriting: Jingles, themes, anthems, or songs commemorating special events or causes.

Webwriting: Writing content specifically for websites


My rate for webwriting, editing, proofing, research, custom writing, and ghost writing is $45/hour.

Songwriting services start at $200 and are dependent upon the nature of the project. Songs can be produced and provided on a CD as either WAV or MP3 files.

Graphic design services start at $50/hour or can be quoted per project.

If you would like a quote on a specfic project please email me at

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