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About the Author

Linda Studley, aka Linda Connell Studley… that’s me. I’m a writer, musician, independent recording artist, and visual and digital artist who lives in northern British Columbia, Canada.

Poem a Day Project
I am writing a poem a day for a year, not to prove anything or set any records, but to try to improve my technique by not allowing myself time to second guess. By turning off the inner critic on a daily basis, I hope to make it a habit, to free myself from the self defeating insecurities that so often hold our hand or make us hide our words or worse, hit the delete key! I hope that, along the way, readers may find a poem or two that will resonate with them and that, perhaps, other writers who are experiencing self doubt or blocks will take heart and join me as I put the inner critic firmly in her place.
The edited version of the poems from this year long series is now available in book form (see link on the right) “Falling Awake and other poems” contains over 200 of the poems from the writing challenge, edited and proofed and tidied up considerably. I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

The Author as a Musician:
I am also a songwriter, musician, performer and independent recording artist. My music is available on iTunes and other digital download sites. I have performed live on Canada’s national radio station, the CBC.  I have released two CDs of original music. The first, “New Traditions”, is neo Celtic (new songs written in the style of old folk tunes). The second, “Breathe” is melding of jazz, blues, and pop. You can hear all of the songs from the two CDs on the Music Page of and/or follow the links there if you wish to purchase the CDs or digital downloads of any of the songs. is home to my music website

The Author as an Artist
I also enjoy an odd, abstract style of drawing/painting that occasionally is inspired by or inspires a poem. Some of my artwork is on display on Flickr and several are now in private collections. I also enjoy creating digitally manipulated artwork, often employing mirrored images to discover the picture ‘inside’ the picture. Some of these are also on Flickr. I created the cover art for both of my music CDs (The photograph of me on the Breathe CD was taken by Don Pettit of Peace photoGraphics, but the background and manipulation is my work).

The Author as a Human Being
Well, I am one. I work in the non-profit sector because I like to be able to make a tangible and positive difference in people’s lives. I have people I love, who love me; my sweetheart Bill, my children, grandchildren, friends… Life can be a challenge sometimes but the older I get the more I see that most of the challenges are self imposed and we are the ones who raise our own hurdles, consciously or unconsciously. Haven’t been asked to leave the species so far so I guess I haven’t messed up too badly yet.

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21 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Intriguing – good luck with the poem a day project; like your attitude!

    • Thank you. Today I wrote my 365th poem in a row. But since it was a leap year, I need one more! Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the poems and I hope you’ll stick around as we delve into some other aspects of writing (like editing, formatting, publishing, promoting, etc…)

  2. I also nominate you for Blog of the Year 2012’ Award
    Please check on;


  3. It is really an honor to nominate you for the Inspiring Blogger Award and the Sunshine Blogger award.
    Please check on;


  4. You sound like you have a beautiful, rich life. I wish for you and your family a wonderful life full of love, mercy and peace, Ameen.
    So happy to meet you.


  5. Chris on said:

    Hi Linda, I’ve nominated you for some awards hope you don’t mind

    • I do appreciate the thought Chris, but truly, the best award is having you, and other very kind people, visit the blog and chat with me.

      • Chris on said:

        I know what you mean Linda, well just so you know I think your poetry is great and you have an amazing voice, I was listening to your music on your website a few days ago.

      • Thank you Chris. I’m working on a new CD and, of course, there always seems to be more gigs in the summer time, so it’s getting real busy around here, music wise as well as writing. 🙂

  6. Chris on said:

    Hi Linda, I really like your Poetry and I’ve just watched a clip of you on youtube doing a poetry reading in Alaska Cafe, Dawson Creek, I particularly like the one about a parallel universe, great humour in the last line, made me laugh.

    • Thanks Chris. It’s always fun to do a reading, especially with fellow poets and friends around you. I’m glad you got a laugh from it, I had some fun writing that one!

  7. Thats a wonderful challenge!! I do wish to take up something like that – like you said – for our own moral boost to write and write– Best wishes for your endeavors!
    Your poems are all very godo too…
    – Suba

  8. Chris on said:

    Hi Linda, just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award,

  9. Cynthia Livingstone on said:

    Hey there, Linda. Write, write, write and sing, sing, sing. Thank you so much for allowing our drama troupe The Fort St John Players to interpret your song Give Me Reason into ASL (sign language). We are so pumped to perform this song with you at The Lido in May at Light Up the Night. Your generous spirit inspires us as much as your lovely voice. Cynthia & The FSJ Players

  10. I really like the idea of a poem every morning. I look forward to seeing your book and thank you for subscribing to my site. I hope to continue one day.

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