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Eh is For Canadian

Eh is for Canadian
Bee – A group working towards a common goal.
Sea – For sailing, or fishing, but not for oil spills.
Dee – A hummy little sound we make if we forget the words to a song.

E – What is said upon encountering a mouse
EF – What is said when hammering a thumb
GEE – The clean version of EF
AICH – Is generally followed by  “e, double hockey sticks”, signifying vexation.

I – A word that is generally used far too much by everyone.
JAY – Birds that come in blue, grey, or Canada.
KAY – Means you agree.
EL – The French version of  ‘H’

EM – The subject of many directives “Go get’em!”
EN – The sign on your car until you get a real drivers license.
OH – An outburst signifying awe, or confusion, or irritation, or … Oh, well, it’s an outburst of some sort.

PEE – Oh for Heaven’s sake, everyone knows what PEE is!
CUE – A hint or a prompt, or perhaps a prompt hint.
ARE – We think therefore we are.
ESS – A type of curve you would be best to slow down for.

TEA – OH! Yes please, and perhaps a few biscuits too?
YOU – Used almost as frequently as “I”, generally followed by “should”.
VEE – A group of flying geese.
DOUBLE YOU – Your twin sister or brother.

EX – The person who now owns your house, car, and most of your paycheque in perpetuity.
WHY – Because
ZED – Yes, you heard me, ZED! ‘Cause we’re Canadian EH (see first line).



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