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The Wisdom of the Adages

Birds of a feather flock together but
the early bird gets the worm unless
the worm turns because
one good turn deserves another.
Leave no stone unturned among the
sticks and stones that break no bones whether you
have a bone to pick or not.
Make no bones about it, it’s an ill wind
that blows no good until your good
is better and your better is best because
the best things in life are free.


Old Brooms

New brooms are awkward and stiff.
They haven’t had time to learn about corners
and where the cracks in the linoleum are.
They are still too vain, with their shiny red handle
and their tidy straw, all the same length, that
doesn’t like dust bunnies to cling.

Give me an old broom with split ends,
its handle scarred from one too many foray
under the bed. An old broom that doesn’t mind
having a bunny or two between its straw teeth.
One that knows its place and leans against the wall
on slightly curving bristles, only sliding down across
the path to trip unwanted visitors or bill collectors.

Old brooms sweep clean and so much more.
They thump the ceiling when the upstairs
neighbour gets too loud. They fish things out
from under sofas and off high shelves.
Old brooms are the stars of every limbo contest ever held.
Give me an old broom any day.



When It’s Over

“It’s not over till the fat lady sings.”
Pretty sure I’ve done that.
“It’s all over but the crying.”
Pretty sure I’ve done that too.

But “It’s not over till it’s over”
has locked me in a circular reference
that denies the possibility of closure
or of starting over.

I propose a new adage:
“It’s over when I say it’s over.”



Some Old Sayings Are Just Wrong

Good intentions don’t pave roads
going to Hell or anywhere else.
they just hang in the air for a moment,
like smoke, then they’re gone.

Where there’s smoke there isn’t
necessarily any fire.
Smoke can linger a long time
after the fire’s dead and cold.

Sometimes burning bridges
keeps you moving forward
instead of running back to
what is already over.

And quite often it’s over
before anyone sings.
Fat, thin, or otherwise;
no matter what their intentions.



The Single Original Thought

They say “pride goes before a fall”
I say “I don’t agree.
Pride is what makes us excel,
our downfall’s vanity.”

They say “the truth will set you free”
I say “I must demure.
Whose truth are you speaking of?
I assume it must be yours.”

Clouds have silver linings and
it’s darkest before dawn
and early birds all get their worms
and ugly ducks are swans.

We’ve thrown up clichéd fences
of homily and adage
with lies for all occasions
to carry ‘round like baggage.

There are many memorable mottos
that would better be forgot.
For there are no glib pronouncements
worth a single original thought.



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