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The Power of Words

Antithetical beliefs can divide even friends.
Gain hope in justice, kindness, love…
Mankind needs optimistic poetry.
Quiet reason silences the untenable violence
when xenophobes yell zealotry.



A: Always look both ways before crossing the road.
B: Brush your teeth three times a day.
C: Cross your eyes again and they’ll freeze that way!
D: Don’t talk with your mouth full
E: Eat with your mouth closed.
F: Feed your pets.
G: Give me one good reason not to ground you for life!
H: How do you expect to grow big and strong if you don’t eat your vegetables?
I: I never had one of those when I was your age
J: Just wait till your father comes home.
K: Keep a civil tongue in your head.
L: Little pigs have big ears.
M: Money doesn’t grow on trees.
N: No one ever died from cleaning their room.
O: One more peep out of you and (insert appropriate threat here)
P: Put on clean underwear before you go out in case you get hit by a car and have to go to the hospital.
R: Really? You actually think I’m going to believe that?
S: Should have gone before we left.
T: Try it.
U: Unless your homework is done you’re not going anywhere, Buster.
V: Very funny, you’re grounded.
W: What were you thinking?
X: X-rated? No, you’re NOT going to see that movie!
Y: You’ll have children just like you one day.
Z: Zoo, do you hear me? I’m selling you to the zoo!



I suppose technically it’s not a ‘poem’, but it was fun to write and that’s good enough for me!

Alpha Through Lima

A leaf pauses, held aloft,
Breeze rider, ancient, veined, ovate.
Caught, hovering above real life. I expect
dreams end like this and
even captured hearts only  
fuel our xenolithic tendencies, resting on the
ground, on leafy floors.
Hope often-times emulates leaves.
I never doubted I’d accept.
Joining us, like Ieaves, embedded to the end.
Keeping it like our
Love; innocent, mindless, absolute.



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