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The Beautiful Place

I’m dreaming awake, with my eyes wide open
the world rolls by and nobody notices
dreams behind my eyes
oh, the dreams behind my eyes.

My mind’s eye is a beautiful place
where I can go when I don’t want to race
with the rats or the mice
and their constant advice
about who I am
about who I am.

I’m walking away, without moving
and no one suspects that I might be choosing
a path they’ve never seen
Oh, a path they’ve never seen

I’m floating away from the storms outside
my heart finds the peace of a hurricane’s eye
in just being still
in still being still.



If you think this reads like a song, you’re right. I’ve already put down the working tracks in Bill’s studio and will be working on this song in the future. Who knows, maybe it’ll make it to the CD.  😉

Stay a Child on Christmas Day

There is a child within who waits
impatiently for special dates
who surfaces ‘round Christmas eve;
a child who struggles to believe

that through the glitter something real
is waiting back for them to feel
the wonder once again and smile
deeply, truly, like that child

whose eye once shone with Christmas lights;
who innocently scanned the night
struggling to stay awake
to watch for reindeer pulling sleighs.

We are the ones who still remember
a long ago pristine December,
when we gazed into the night
and spotted Santa’s sleigh go by.

For those who, in their childhood, glimpse
the jolly elf or his footprints
will never grow up all the way
but stay a child on Christmas Day.


The Power of Words

Antithetical beliefs can divide even friends.
Gain hope in justice, kindness, love…
Mankind needs optimistic poetry.
Quiet reason silences the untenable violence
when xenophobes yell zealotry.


Truth and the World

Listen and the world
will whisper truth in your ear.
Truth sings in our hearts.

Observe and the world
will show you truth in small things.
Truth walks along side.

Breathe in and the world
exhales truth in every breeze.
Truth perfumes the air.

Swallow and the world
will fill you with truth’s sweetness.
Truth will sustain you.

Reach out and the world
will stand still and wait for you.
Truth will touch you back.




Believe in answers
and they will follow you home
and call you by name.

Your only problem
will be sorting them out and
choosing the right one.



Ordering a Seed Catalog

It’s an act of faith, really,
ordering a seed catalog in January,
at least it is when you live in the north,
rooted deeply in a cherished belief
that this might be the year the spinach doesn’t bolt
when it’s 3 inches tall.
It’s rather like buying a lottery ticket,
Most of the enjoyment lies
in visions of potential,
in dreams of green.

My Cloak of Bravery

How is it that you
can look into my eyes and
see strength and courage

But when I look in
the mirror all I see is
fear and cowardice?

It must be a trick
of the light and you’re seeing
your own reflection.

If I wear a cloak
of bravery, it’s because
you wrapped it ‘round me.



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