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Politics (from Greek: πολιτικός politikos, definition “of, for, or relating to citizens”) is the practice and theory of influencing other people.


I’m tired of being influenced.
I’m tired of indignant voices.
I’m tired of having to choose what’s right
from what seems to be all the wrong choices.

Is honesty that hard to come by?
Who’s pulling the puppets’ strings?
For one is as bad as the other
just about different things.

I’m tired of the mud and the slinging.
expediencies and specious excuses.
I’m tired of arrogant platitudes
and blatant, egregious abuses.

All I want is a person to vote for
Somebody that I can trust
to do their best, not just for themselves
but for all of the rest of us.




Believe in answers
and they will follow you home
and call you by name.

Your only problem
will be sorting them out and
choosing the right one.



The Path

When I think I know how the path unwinds,
know the twists and turns like the back of my mind,
even now, and now and then
the path turns back on itself again.


Red Wine and Good Conversation

Red wine and good conversation make
the years fall away
and sometimes it’s the telling
over of the past that makes the future
Brushing away
cobwebs, sweeping aside
twigs, and kicking stones
can make a path easier;
make the choice of turn
or twist clearer, but
horizons being what they are,
all roads lead to ruin.
But for now there is red wine
and good conversation.




Too many paths to choose from and yet
they all wind up the same place I bet.
Straight as a die
or as the crow flies
is never as straight as it seems,
especially when swimming upstream.
But that’s silly,
crows don’t swim.



One step, but which way?
Close my eyes and see the path,
open my mind, walk.



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