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When I sleep I dream of things
I’ll get done today, brass rings
I’ll grasp, grand schemes come true,
the looking glass I’ll sally through.

But now I find, once I’m awake,
my plans are slightly more prosaic.
Like tiling walls, then, if I choose,
installing a new low flush loo.

I’ll do the things within my grasp
Though my brass ring be made of wax.


Listing Right

When writing a list I often find
I don’t figure in the amount of time
it will take me to get all the chores completed
and the leftovers make me feel defeated.

As I gaze at all of the things left undone
I tend to ignore the other ones,
the ones I accomplished, the ones scratched off
of the list with a flourish, and I really ought

to forget feeling guilty for stuff left undone
and make up a list, as I go, of the ones
I’ve accomplished, then scratch them off of the list
that will always get longer but always be finished.


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