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Day and Life

Over, under, over, under
Like a twining Celtic knot.
Under, over, under, over.
Seed to plant to bloom to rot.

Curve and spin, curve and spin.
Like the giddy spiral dance.
Spin and curve, spin and curve.
Hope to thought to deed to chance.

Up and down, up and down.
Crashing wavelets crest and cream.
Down and up, down and up.
Stream to cloud to rain to stream.

Rise and set, rise and set.
Shimmer cold and blazing spark.
Set and rise, set and rise.
dawn to day to dusk to dark.



The Thing is

The thing about a circle is it never ends
but it always ends up where it started.
So maybe this ‘circle of life’
lionized by Disney is just a series
of bends in the road; the drunken,
accidental extra steps to the right
in the long journey that pulls us
back the spot where the plane
crashed in the desert.

The thing about a spiral is it ends
in a different place
than it begins yet it still wends
its way like a circle, minus the futility.
Spirals nest and dance
where circles are solitary,
can only join with others if they’re
broken and twisted first like
rings in chain maille.

The thing is
I’d rather be a part of a spiral of life
and dance and nest with you for a while
Than spin forever in a solitary circle.



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