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The Single Original Thought

They say “pride goes before a fall”
I say “I don’t agree.
Pride is what makes us excel,
our downfall’s vanity.”

They say “the truth will set you free”
I say “I must demure.
Whose truth are you speaking of?
I assume it must be yours.”

Clouds have silver linings and
it’s darkest before dawn
and early birds all get their worms
and ugly ducks are swans.

We’ve thrown up clichéd fences
of homily and adage
with lies for all occasions
to carry ‘round like baggage.

There are many memorable mottos
that would better be forgot.
For there are no glib pronouncements
worth a single original thought.



Rest in Pieces

She was sad and they said
‘quit while you’re ahead’
‘you’re a long time in the ground’
‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’
‘take that frown and turn it upside down’
She was tired and they told her
‘fortune favours the bold’
‘a change is as good as a rest’
‘early to bed, early to rise…’
‘make your good better and your better best’
She was depressed and they declared
‘there’s magic in the air’
‘every cloud has a silver lining’
‘there’s always someone who’s got it worse’
‘want some bread with that wine?’
She was afraid and they answered
‘nothing’s ever left to chance’
nothing ventured, nothing gained’
‘into every life a little rain must fall’
‘it’s always darkest before the dawn’
A patient ear was all she really needed.  
She got platitudes and attitudes, and nothing that made sense.
Carved in stone, the last words that we read say…
‘Clubbed to death with clichés, she died in self defense.’



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