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First Rule

There are so many rules
where one would do
so pick up the cards you’re dealt
and do your own thing
as long as that thing
doesn’t hurt someone else.

The trick here is knowing
the true definition
of words like ‘someone’ and ‘hurt’
‘cause plenty of hurts
don’t show at first glance
and are easily incurred.

And that ‘someone’ could be
a person, a dog,
a tree, or the earth ‘neath your feet.
That ‘someone’ could be
yourself so some care,
and empathy is needed.

And the one rule that seemed
self centred evolves
into an awareness of all
and how we’re connected
for better or worse
on a spinning, blue and green ball.


Message to Alien Neighbours

We are a planet of human islands
loosely joined by tenuous fibres of love and pain.
Each of us is alone within our own skin except for fleeting
moments when we share ourselves
and we don’t share often.
Sharing is not something we come to easily.
Neither is empathy or compassion but we are getting better at it.

We are a planet of human contradictions
alternately capable of kindness and cruelty,
enlightenment and atrocity.
On a grand global scale or on a personal basis
we grapple with good and evil.
Perhaps one cannot exist without the other
but most of us want to believe
that some form of good will eventually triumph.

We are a planet where humanity is the dominant species;
not necessarily something to be proud of since
no one gets to the top without a little bloodshed.
If you still want to visit, know that some of us will welcome
peaceful overtures, and some will want to shoot first
and ask questions later, and some won’t even want to bother
asking questions.
Please make your travel plans accordingly.


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