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Knowing What Comes Next

It’s why we watch a movie twice,
reread a book, walk the same route home.
The familiar calls,
and sometimes it hurts.
So easy to default to bad habits;
what goes into our mouths,
what comes out of our mouths.
The choices we make,
who we are,
who we love,
the illusion of control in a random,
uncontrollable world where knowing
what comes next is the biggest illusion of all.


Life Does Not Compute

There is no back button on life,
no control alt delete.
And hard boots are just hard boots,
not do-overs.
Control X won’t erase mistakes
and control Y won’t bring back what’s been lost
and the worms will get us all eventually.


# 5

Aura Exhaust Vent

I think I need an exhaust vent on my aura,
 just to bleed off the built up pressure
between my skin and my ethereal veil.

An overflow valve on my brain would be handy too,
much of the contents float off anyway so I may as well
channel it off on a regular basis and avoid messy spills.

And a governor on my heart to
make the beat a little less erratic.
A neat little syncopation might be nice.

I may need a dehumidifier on my tear ducts,
a regulator on my sleep patterns, and
an auto correct on my eating habits but mostly

I think I need an exhaust vent on my aura.



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