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Pet Peeve

Pet: 1. an animal kept for companionship, interest, or amusement.  2. an indulged or pampered person.  3. somebody whom others find lovable.
Peeve: 1. something that annoys or irritates somebody. 2. an irritated or resentful mood

If something’s annoying
I truly believe
it shouldn’t be given
the rank of ‘pet peeve’.

Pet means you like it
Peeve means you don’t.
I’ll cry contradiction
though maybe you won’t.

That to like an annoyance
is a bit masochistic
and to make it your pet
is unrealistic.

So I’m making a change
I’ve decided to let
all my peeves run away
and not to keep pets.

Well, maybe just one,
just one that won’t leave.
My only pet peeve
will be having pet peeves.


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