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Okay Expectations

Shoot for the moon, go big or go home,
We’re encouraged to reach for the top
in a single great bound, a Herculean leap,
to not know the meaning of stop.

We’ve put all our energy into the struggle
to accomplish our great expectations.
We are the weapons we hurl at our targets
no time for calm contemplation.

Instead of aiming for great expectations
Maybe this is what we should do…
just relax and accept it’s alright to reach
for okay expectations too.


All Things

All things do not come,
neither to the one who waits
nor to the one who seeks.
All things do not care
how patient or
how curious you are.
All things are just things
after all.



The wrapped gift we shake.
The cherished crust we hold in our mind.
eyes closed, breath held,
while the festival passes us by, unnoticed.



No to Yes

  1. (N+11)+(O-10)+S
  2. First letter: Remove first line and reattach at the base where the other two lines intersect.
    Second letter: cut into circle, reattach one end approximately 1/3 of the way along the other end.
    Third letter: add s
  3. Have reasonable expectations.


A bit of a poetic puzzle I guess.

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