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Knowing What Comes Next

It’s why we watch a movie twice,
reread a book, walk the same route home.
The familiar calls,
and sometimes it hurts.
So easy to default to bad habits;
what goes into our mouths,
what comes out of our mouths.
The choices we make,
who we are,
who we love,
the illusion of control in a random,
uncontrollable world where knowing
what comes next is the biggest illusion of all.


Doing the Mindless

When I’m confused or tired,
sick, or sad, or hurting,
I look for something mindless,
familiar, and diverting.

A book I’ve read a dozen times
a movie memorized
to the point where I can quote
everybody’s lines.

A puzzle with big pieces,
songs I know by heart,
things where I am confident
that I can do my part.

Yes, I like to do the mindless
every now and then
and give my mind a rest
before diving in again

to wrestle with conundrums
life litters ‘long the way.
Yes, I think I’ll take a break
and ‘Do the Mindless’ today.



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