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Angels Bowling

 “What makes the thunder, Daddy?” I asked.
“Angels bowling,” my father replied.
“Then what is the rain?” I persevered.
“Angels crying,” he sweetly lied.

 And then I asked him “What about lightning
That jumps through the darkness so sudden and frightening?”
“That’s when the angels bowl in the dark,
When the ball hits the pins it makes a big spark.”

Many long years have passed since that day.
My father has long since passed away.
But I wonder, at times, when a storm comes rolling,
Is he up there now with the angels bowling?

My Dad and the Angels, Bowling

my dad

George Fredrick Connell 1917 - 1987

A few days ago was the 24th anniversary of my father’s passing. It takes a long time to come to terms with the loss of a cherished parent but slowly and surely the sweetest memories surface to cushion the pain and our lost one becomes part of us in a way that has nothing to do with DNA or geneology. We begin to realize that little quirk we have, that turn of phrase, that expression we get when pensive, are all a legacy of that cherished parent. And it is comforting.  Several years ago I wrote a poem about something my dad used to tell me. I don’t know if someone special in his life told it to him, or if he just made it up. But I liked it enough to remember it for decades so I’ve placed it in a poem called “Angels Bowling” and perhaps it will make someone else smile. Dad was good at making people smile. 

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