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Between Two Clouds

Above hang clouds, flat bottomed and heavy,
the propellers absentmindedly snick, snicking at
their bellies.
Below, clouds breathe and shift like a living thing.
I am in an airplane sandwich,
suspended in a pocket of clarity,
cloud above, cloud below with the sunset
spilling in from the side, trickling,
staining the slices of cloud
like the pink juice from a ripe tomato.
the bottom slice tears, the way
bread does when you try to spread
hard butter.
Lights appear in the darkness.
I am home.


Between nest and ground
is where all birds learn to fly
by just letting go.

And in the free fall
all weight and fear drop away
and lose their power.

I will close my eyes,
spread my arms, and fly away
if you will come too.

And we will look down
on the fallen fear and weight
so far below us.

We will watch them shrink
as we wheel and soar higher,
like fledgling eagles

and we’ll wonder why
it took so long to let go
of the nest and fly.



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