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Life is a bit like a shirt in a dryer.
All wet behind the ears when we start out,
we tumble around aimlessly, get all
hot under the collar, and then
end up cooling down and wrinkling.

Life is a bit like fruit in a fridge.
All bursting with freshness when we start out,
we absorb too much of what surrounds us,
get pushed back one too many times, and then
end up turning grey and wrinkling.

Life is a lot like me and you in the time machine.
All adventure bound and stepping on butterflies,
Hot tumbles, absorbing and bursting, pushing back and then
Ending up cool, grey, wrinkled
and loved.


Food Fear 2

The slippery slope, diet-arily,
is greased with butter apparently
so now we’ve switched to tubs of some kind of margarine
something that isn’t really butter at all
it’s got no trans-fats or cholesterol
but it comes in a round plastic tub, to my chagrin.

‘cause in every fridge with their racks and drawers
there’s a wee compartment with a flippy door
where you keep your block of butter all cool and sweet
but the tub won’t fit where the butter once dwelt
and if you leave it on the counter it kinda melts
into separate unappetizing puddles of muck and grease.

So I keep it in the fridge, with the low fat cheese
and the fruits and veggies and all that wheeze
that’ll make me live longer and enjoy life more
but as full as my refrigerator every gets
There’s just one space where nothing sets
‘cause nothing but butter fits behind a flippy-door.



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