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Frost feathers on leaves.
A last chance for withered ones
to be beautiful.

# 104


Not a killing frost
because hardy plants survived.
Just a culling frost.




Morning’s first light leaves
tree silhouette frost shadows
on yellowing lawns.

Just This Once

Frost, geese in a vee,
September is here again.
Where did summer go?

Time to start the drift
into winter denial.
There is no escape.

The darkness that falls
too early and leaves too late
is the hardest part.

Frost, geese in a vee.
Take me with you when you go.
Just this once, just once.



Spring Hopes

Hope springs eternal
Spring hopes are eternal too
That’s why we garden.

Though deer nibble shoots,
bugs skeletonize leaves and
aphids slurp plant juice,

late frosts breath icy death,
too much rain, or too little,
drown and parch in turn.

Quack grass strangles roots,
the wind sucks the soil dry,
and slugs vandalize.

Northern gardening
has it’s challenges, it’s true
but hope springs, Spring hopes.



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