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I tried counting up sheep

as o’er the fence rails they leap

but, alas, my downfall

is my flock is too small

and runs out before I fall asleep.


Me vs Things I Can’t Change

The things I can’t change
fly to greet me from the screen;
daring me to care.

And so we wrestle.
Me versus things I can’t change,
in futile deadlock.

The difference is,
although I can’t change the things,
the things can change me.


Spring Hopes

Hope springs eternal
Spring hopes are eternal too
That’s why we garden.

Though deer nibble shoots,
bugs skeletonize leaves and
aphids slurp plant juice,

late frosts breath icy death,
too much rain, or too little,
drown and parch in turn.

Quack grass strangles roots,
the wind sucks the soil dry,
and slugs vandalize.

Northern gardening
has it’s challenges, it’s true
but hope springs, Spring hopes.



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