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Fishbone Melody

Fishbone Melody

Like small plastic fishbone tag tethers
That lurk in the necks of new sweaters

Melodies wait to surface and nag
Till both of my hands hold grocery bags.

When both my hands clutch the truck steering wheel
Melody fishbones begin to reveal

Snippets of songs with potential to be
The number one hit that’s the making of me.

But when the truck stops and my sweater’s removed
And the grocery bags are all emptied of food

And I eagerly reach for my pen to write down
The tune that followed me home from downtown

Like the empty bag that lies on the floor
Of the truck and waits till I open the door

It leaps and it stumbles as if it’s possessed
By a drunken magpie in search of its nest

And my number one hit floats away on a breeze.
I guess some songs aren’t meant to be written by me.


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