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You won’t be able
to stand or walk till you’re not
afraid of the floor.

Doors won’t open till
you’re ready to deal with what’s
on the other side.

Words are empty till
filled by context, coloured by
perspective’s bias.



One Letter Later

Solve, Solver, Resolve
Revolve, Revolver, Revolter,
Loiterer, Reorient, Overtire,
Retrieve, Reliever, Relieves,
Reviles, Restive, Sterile,
Toilers, Outliers, Resolute,
Troubles, Absolute, Tableaus,
Adulates, Adulate, Default,
Deflate, Floated, Bloated,
Albedos, Absolved, Absolve.


In case you didn’t notice – each word is only one letter away from the one before it, either a letter was added, dropped, or swapped. I enjoyed the scenarios that played through my imagination as I progressed through the evolution from solve to absove; hope you do too 🙂

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