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MIM’s the Word

I am drawn to the strings.
They reach out like musical staffs of cob web strands.
It’s a living thing;
this obsession with plucked notes and the sleight of hand
that makes them sing.
hundreds of years, thousands of songs lost to time.
Hear the ring
of the rhythm and the reason to the rhyme.
I am drawn to the strings
at the MIM.


MIM stands for Musical Instrument Museum, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. I strongly recommend a visit if you’re ever in the area. (I got to play a theremon!)


I Am Like a Restrung Guitar

Unwound, unwound, unwound
with lowering  moans and sighs the old dead strings
give up their place. A release
of tension. Freed from peg and anchor
they lie, silent on the floor.

New strings spring from enveloped coils;
leap out, eager to take their place,
to discover their voices.
Wound, wound, wound
with hopeful ascending trills
and the music is renewed
and renews.

It takes time and patience,
constantly re-tuning to reach the right notes,
but new strings are willing to stretch,
willing to take the tension
just so they can sing.

I am that guitar.
I have new strings.
Sing with me.


The Power of Strings

I wrote this poem in ‘concrete’ form and, of course, the blog won’t let me use my formatting. So I’ve saved it as a picture and posted it below.
I’ll try to save it to a higher resolution on my other computer but wanted to get it onto the blog – after all – it is ‘poem a day’ !
33-The Power of Strings graphic











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