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Step Out

Two steps forward and keep on the track,

resisting the surging

of the current that’s urging

you to take at least one step back.


# 199


Downhill ruts that trap
Our wheels, sliding  life into
well worn mud puddles.

We don’t have to stay
in the mud any longer
than necessary.

Habits are the ruts
But we are the ones driving.
It’s time to chain up.



I have missed the morning ritual,
the  gentle coaxing of words
from my sleepy subconscious,
the quest for image and rhyme.
The challenge met, there is a void
where discovery used to dwell,
a sense of loss, a loss of senses
honed to a comfortable habit.
There is no challenge now,
only the joy of knowing
the poem is already written.
I just need to remember it.


Perhaps I won’t be writing them every day anymore, but I guess the morning poem is a habit now.

Change of Habit

The taste upon the tongue
The smoke within the lungs
that satisfies and numbs
the foolish cravings.

Adrenaline that rushes
through fear and near death brushes.
The candy coated crutches
not worth saving.

The long familiar rut
is comfortable but
a feeling in the gut
says change is needed .

The need to question why
we do these things and try
to be honest in reply
and then to heed it.



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