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Like a Bird

Your heart, like a bird
fluttering, testing the winds2018-04-03-Like a Bird
of change in your soul

before taking flight.
Breath-taking fibrillation
shocks us to the now

where a breathe can hang
like mist in the frozen air
then crash to the ground,

tiny icicles
shatter, chime through the silence
“it’s time to go home”


Winter Dawn

Dawn peers past cloudy
cataracts with pale blue eyes.
Snowblind; cold comfort.


Alpha Joy

Finish what you start.
Unless it’s wonderful, then
drag your feet through joy.




Sunrise through curtains
Backlit jacquard flowers bloom.
My winter garden.




If you’re competing
with anyone but yourself
You’re wasting your time.



Take care of your heart

or no one will ever trust

you’ll take care of theirs.




Happiness and the Pursuit of Sunshine

The older I get
the more sunshine I require.
Quit blocking my light!




Our tea ritual.
Bed ruts that fit our bodies.
Floors squeak ‘welcome home.’


What DoYou Want? I’m On Vacation!

Red velvet cupcakes,

heated pool, and happy hour.

Poetry in life.

















Sunshine in my eyes

winter just a memory

a lifetime away.



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