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Okay Expectations

Shoot for the moon, go big or go home,
We’re encouraged to reach for the top
in a single great bound, a Herculean leap,
to not know the meaning of stop.

We’ve put all our energy into the struggle
to accomplish our great expectations.
We are the weapons we hurl at our targets
no time for calm contemplation.

Instead of aiming for great expectations
Maybe this is what we should do…
just relax and accept it’s alright to reach
for okay expectations too.


Underwater Burn

Is happiness just the ability to hold depression at bay, to stay tears or at the very least to reach down into your last receding well of ‘oh well’  and pull up one more pail of ‘I’m fine’ to pour on the demons who unfortunately have learned to hold their breath and burn under water.  Hold your breath just one more time and see if you can outlast them. Hold your breathe, no ‘maybe’ about it, just grit your teeth and sink beneath the confusion hoping for a foothold so you can run like Hell for shore. There’s always ‘tomorrow’ – blessing or curse it can always be worse, it’s a matter of ‘will’ that won’t matter if you don’t care, so sleep if you can and hope for dreams of what could ‘be’ if the demons would just drown and wash away, feel the salt water purge them from your soul and try to find the urge to try just one more time to find something ‘better’


If you string together the words in quotations = ‘Oh well, I’m fine. Maybe tomorrow will be better.’

Now That I am Home… a haiku

Now that I am home
laughter lines are deepening,
frown line fade away.

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