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With Apologies to Lao Tse and Yoda

We try to be the best we can
but if we do not understand
what that best could really be
we’re missing opportunities

to plumb the depths and reach the heights
of all the many things we might
achieve if we just looked inside.
Do or do not – there is no ‘try’.



Dubious Caraway

Some things  are other things
than what we may have thought,
like mushrooms that are edible versus
mushrooms that are not.

or caraway seeds scattered
on your kitchen table
that though surrounded by the crumbs
may not be from your bagel.

And if that isn’t quite enough,
even unseen things are fraught
with that which masquerades
as that which it is not.

Words of love can hide disdain
while laughter hides the tears,
truth is often shot with lies,
and not as it appears.

Say you love me, laugh with me,
and don’t go in disguise.
I’d rather eat dubious caraway
than have you tell me lies.



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