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My Brain (Part III)

Come close.
Put your ear next to mine.
Can you hear the sound of the ocean?
I can.

I hear waves on a beach I’ll never visit,
gulls on a horizon I’ll never see.
The trick is to not care anymore.
To let it trickle away
like the sand pulled backwards
by the surf.

Come close.
Put your ear next to mine and sigh.
I showed you my ocean,
now you show me yours.



You Are

You are what you hate
how and why you hate
where, who,  and when you hate.
Hate being the prison

You are what you love
how and why you love
where, who, and when you love.
Love being the key.

You are what you imagine
how and why you imagine
where, who, and when you imagine
imagination being the horizon.

Take the key.
Open the prison.
Head for the horizon.
You are what you do.



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