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Human History

They say “we must learn from history”,
but what is history but the victory song
the minstrel sings to placate a new king
and gain a coin or two?

What is history but the ancient twittering
of vested interests?

Has it ever been possible to report without bias?
Has the manipulation of truth been the means
by which our evolution has been steered to this end?
Were hunting stories daubed onto cave walls accurate
or were they padding their count?

They also say “the truth will out.”
But perhaps the only thing we can trust
humanity to do consistently
is to lie to achieve cherished outcomes.

Single humans may be noble where
humanity seldom is.


Message to Alien Neighbours

We are a planet of human islands
loosely joined by tenuous fibres of love and pain.
Each of us is alone within our own skin except for fleeting
moments when we share ourselves
and we don’t share often.
Sharing is not something we come to easily.
Neither is empathy or compassion but we are getting better at it.

We are a planet of human contradictions
alternately capable of kindness and cruelty,
enlightenment and atrocity.
On a grand global scale or on a personal basis
we grapple with good and evil.
Perhaps one cannot exist without the other
but most of us want to believe
that some form of good will eventually triumph.

We are a planet where humanity is the dominant species;
not necessarily something to be proud of since
no one gets to the top without a little bloodshed.
If you still want to visit, know that some of us will welcome
peaceful overtures, and some will want to shoot first
and ask questions later, and some won’t even want to bother
asking questions.
Please make your travel plans accordingly.


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