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The Cold War

Some enterprising cold germs occupied my throat today
in an over night incursion  –  in a stealthy, sneak attack .
While I slept they planted flag poles, declaring their intention
to conquer and to colonize my respiratory tract.

I can feel them making forays as they do a reconnoiter
gathering the intel that they need to make a play
to revoke my immunity, to throw down my defences.
I need a secret weapon to throw into the fray.

So I douse them down with grape juice laced with Echinacea.
I rest and I drink fluids and eat vitamin C pills.
I’ll not further the imperialist agenda of these cold germs
by going out and coughing  and making others ill.

I’ll fight this battle on the home front and I will give no quarter,
as the advancing forces offer no quarter to me.
As soon as I’m victorious I resume my place among you
but til then, wish me luck, I’ve put myself in quarantine.



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