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What it’s For

When it’s dark I can believe
that there are still leaves on the trees
and blossoms bloom outside my door.
That’s what imagination’s for.

And when I close my eyes and see
my long lost friends and family
I’m not so lonely anymore.
That’s what memory is for.

And when the world looks far too grim
I load my paintbrush to the brim
and paint a new world to explore.
That’s what inspiration’s for.

I hereby invoke the power of my poetic license to absolve me of the guilt in ending sentences prepositions with.

A Study in Green

I study the forest outside my window,
my eyes tracing faces in the tangled branches,
sailing ships swaying in the outstretched arms,
limbed antlers, twig webs, stump mountains,
and the graceful ellipses, the watching eyes,
as the forest studies me back.


One Letter Later

Solve, Solver, Resolve
Revolve, Revolver, Revolter,
Loiterer, Reorient, Overtire,
Retrieve, Reliever, Relieves,
Reviles, Restive, Sterile,
Toilers, Outliers, Resolute,
Troubles, Absolute, Tableaus,
Adulates, Adulate, Default,
Deflate, Floated, Bloated,
Albedos, Absolved, Absolve.


In case you didn’t notice – each word is only one letter away from the one before it, either a letter was added, dropped, or swapped. I enjoyed the scenarios that played through my imagination as I progressed through the evolution from solve to absove; hope you do too 🙂

Someday Something

I wish I had a dollar for every time I said
“I’d like to do that some day,” then walked away instead.
I’d be a millionaire by now and prob’ly could afford
to do those wistful things I once thought of then ignored.

I’d have financial freedom but would I, in fact, be free
or would there be more obstacles standing between me
and the wondrous “someday something” that led me on to dream
of doing something special, of swimming straight upstream

to the land of ‘someday somethings’,  to a world where ‘maybe’ rules,
where dreams are just a starting point and wonder is the tool
you use to build your own world, one that fills and fits you
where maybe one day you’ll look back and suddenly it hits you.

It wasn’t all that hard to reach, you didn’t need the dollars.
The world you left behind is getting smaller now, and smaller
until the world of wonder becomes reality
and the world of ‘must’ and ‘have to’ is lost in faded dreams.



You Are

You are what you hate
how and why you hate
where, who,  and when you hate.
Hate being the prison

You are what you love
how and why you love
where, who, and when you love.
Love being the key.

You are what you imagine
how and why you imagine
where, who, and when you imagine
imagination being the horizon.

Take the key.
Open the prison.
Head for the horizon.
You are what you do.



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