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Endangered List Update

(imagine the ‘Hinterland Who’s Who’ theme music in the background – Canadian reference, sorry)

I    Independence
Once a common attribute, Independence has suffered from loss of natural habitat due to the encroachment of Convenience. Although a weaker attribute, Convenience has increased its numbers by interbreeding with Independence resulting in a subspecies of Convenience with an insatiable appetite for novelty. Sightings of Independence are rare and population estimates are low and restricted to rural and northern areas. It is generally accepted that unless Independence develops a thicker skin and a more aggressive attitude this attribute may soon move to the extinction list.

II    Privacy
Although every year several sightings of privacy are reported, none have yet been substantiated by the teams of trained observers who converge upon them for verification. Only these sporadic sightings keep Privacy from the extinction list and it is entirely possible that Privacy never really existed at all and should be relegated to the realm of mythology.

III    Initiative
A tenacious characteristic, capable of thriving in the harshest of environments, Initiative has suffered great losses due to pollution. Every day many are snared in loops and coils of red tape. The pathetic sight of dying initiative, red tape tightening around its neck, has sadly become commonplace and although the losses would seem to be preventable, creating regulations to deal with this problem only generate more red tape.

This Endangered List Update has been brought to you by the Frustration Program of the Jaded Expectations Society.


Yes, I know, it’s more prose than poem, but that’s what I wrote this morning so oh well… 🙂

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