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I tried counting up sheep

as o’er the fence rails they leap

but, alas, my downfall

is my flock is too small

and runs out before I fall asleep.


Dark Thoughts

Sitting in the dark,
dotted with little red, yellow, blue, and green lights
from small appliances, computers, rechargers,
and the digital clock on the stove.
Sitting in the dark,
in the glow of the computer screen.
So, technically, not really in the dark at all.
In the semi-dark, quasi-dark, pseudo-dark;
the dark that’s too dark to do anything
but type but too bright to sleep.
So I sit and I type about the almost dark and wonder
why I’m awake at four in the morning.
Sitting in the dark.


The Comforting Sun

Sunrise blaze a trail
out of my long, sleepless night.
Lull me back to sleep.




Last night I went in search of sleep
but sleep I could not find.
I closed my eyes, I counted sheep
but still, my racing mind
raced on until I thought I’d weep
and just would not unwind.
At last I fell into a heap
with all the stars aligned
I fell into a slumber deep
an hour before the time
that the alarm was set to beep
Just a nap, I whine.
I think I’m still in search of sleep
I rise but do not shine.




Standing barefoot on the edge of the ocean
waves pounding, ocean heartbeat calling me
to sleep and yet my eyes
will not close.
Slowly,  the surf eats away the sand
beneath my feet
grain by grain undermining
my body’s resolve to stay awake until,
my foundation dissolved, I crumble
into exhaustion only to rise again,
red eyed and unrefreshed to
face the waves once more.



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