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The Road to Somewhere

The road to Nowhere
is paved with good intentions
Not Hell, but Nowhere.

Nowhere is a spot
on the side of the road where
hope ran out of gas.

Don’t blame intentions,
they’re only a starting point.
Next time bring a map.

Bring along a friend.
Travel roads paved with laughter;
they lead to Somewhere.


Some Old Sayings Are Just Wrong

Good intentions don’t pave roads
going to Hell or anywhere else.
they just hang in the air for a moment,
like smoke, then they’re gone.

Where there’s smoke there isn’t
necessarily any fire.
Smoke can linger a long time
after the fire’s dead and cold.

Sometimes burning bridges
keeps you moving forward
instead of running back to
what is already over.

And quite often it’s over
before anyone sings.
Fat, thin, or otherwise;
no matter what their intentions.



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