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Tabula Plena

Start with a blank slate
and there’s nothing to build on.
It’s better to choose.

Choose sun warmed berries,
the songs of running water,
and moonlight shadows,

The warmth of the sun,
the way aspen leaves flutter,
and wild violets.

Fill your slate and find
there’s always room for beauty,
always room for joy.


To Find the Rainbow’s End

First a blindfold because everyone knows
if you chase a rainbow with your eyes
open it will run away.
Like a butterfly startled by your shadow or
a wave that flattens on the shore.

Then a good friend. One who won’t play
tricks or laugh if you fall down.
Someone who knows right from
left and can give good directions.

Now walk.
With your friend calling cold,
warm, hot, or not.
Guiding your stumbling steps
to the root of the rainbow.
But beware.
Pull off the blindfold and
the rainbow will run.

But your friend will see it still,
see it ripple over you in a multi-hued state of grace.
The beauty of the rainbow is fleeting and vicarious,
to be enjoyed by those who rejoice
in the happiness of others.



Thank you, Tony, for the inspiration. 

Her Joy

Her joy will eventually  emerge
like a single blade of grass slicing
through slowly melting snow.

Winter’s frost patterns adorn  memories
of fond summers and soft falls
but her joy is starting to emerge.

Like velvet pussy willows bravely standing
in a pool of spring sunshine,
back to the wind, she emerges.

Strong, serene, one with the world,
at peace within her skin,
she emerges. Her joy emerges.

The Now

Look in, look inside
Something hides behind the pain
Perhaps it is joy.

Stand up, stand up straight
Something new is beginning
That makes life worthwhile.

Step out, step away
Something is coming closer
Every moment.

Run, run to meet life
Embrace newness each morning
Your heart is beating.



(note:  try reading only the first lines of each haiku, then only the second, and, finally, only the third. The meanings reveal themselves differently this way) 🙂

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