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I’ll Let You Fall

Thinking of my father
and the mischief in his smiles.
I thought I was looking back
but he was really up ahead breaking trail for me for miles.

Dreaming of my mother
and the softness of her skin.
Wish I could hear her silly sneeze,
or hear her sing ‘Ta rah rah boom de-ay’ again.

And now that I am older
I see I never saw at all.
The hardest thing they ever did
was stand aside and let me fall.

And the hardest thing I’ve ever done
was stand aside and let you fall.



Life Learns a Lesson

My life needs to learn how to hit the ‘undo’ key
so I can  back up a space to where I
actually knew what I was doing.

My life needs to learn how to call ‘time outs’,
where I can huddle and plan my next move
without someone changing the rules.

My life needs to learn how to chill,
that every move doesn’t have to be
a lesson, or a character building exercise.

Maybe it isn’t life who needs to learn the lessons,
maybe it’s me.



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