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Always a faint hope
doing stuff I’ve always done
might yield new results.

Always a vague thought
that results may not reflect
a lot of what’s true.

Always a slight chance
that I’m overthinking things.
I do that a lot.



Turning Points

My head feels like it’s spinning
but it’s really just a procession of
turning points, back to back, spiralling
just out of reach.
Opportunity knocking at my brain
then running away.
So many opportunities that
by the time I’ve mourned the fact
that I can’t take advantage of them all,
yet another set has slipped away.
I could grab one and stuff it in my pocket
but it would probably fade,
like a bus transfer that you roll and fold
until it resembles flannelette.
No, I think I’d better catch it with my teeth,
like a jungle cat, and drag it away,
up into a tree and devour it.
Yes, opportunities should be devoured.
Turning points should be stalked, pounced upon,
and devoured.




What comes after death?
Questions that have no answers
are a waste of time.

Why worry about
life after death and ignore
our life during life?

‘What comes during life?’
may be a better question
to ask each morning.



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