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What Love Is

For the young man who says he loves my granddaughter…

rusting her implicitly
Respecting her mind and her body
Evolving as you both grow
Admiring her creativity
Supporting her to achieve her goals
Understanding that sometimes you won’t understand
Realizing that she is every bit as imperfect as you are
Enduring hardships together; as a team
Holding hands, even when you’re not young lovers anymore
Encouraging her to reach her potential
Rejoicing in her successes

…Welcome to the family




I need no hearts of paper
fringed in doily lace.
I need no red and pink bouquets
dying in a crystal vase.
I need no gooey chocolates
(well, no more than I ever do)
I only need you. I only need you.
And I love that you need me too.




Her laughter is infectious,
His wit is slightly snide,
The two of them together are
comedy personified.

They fight like cats and dogs
But God help any schmoe
who might hurt his big sister
or pick on her li’l bro.

They are family, they are siblings
and they’re a joy to have around.
They’re my children and I love them.
They make me laugh out loud

with their quirky sense of humour
(Don’t know where they got that from)
I’m just happy that they love me
and proud to be their Mum.





Start with love
and all you do will
end with love.


The Power of Words

Antithetical beliefs can divide even friends.
Gain hope in justice, kindness, love…
Mankind needs optimistic poetry.
Quiet reason silences the untenable violence
when xenophobes yell zealotry.



Things worth pursuing;
sun beams and prism rainbows.
Things worth sharing;
warm touch and  laughter.
Things worth giving away;
forgiveness and praise.
Things worth keeping;
true love and memories.


I Was

I was like a paint by numbers
missing half the pots of paint,
sporting blank white blotches
on my soul.
You came along and carefully
filled in the empty spaces,
with the colours of your love
you made me whole.

I was like an empty window
looking blankly at the world,
impervious to sunshine
and to rain.
Till you hung a prism inside
and a whirligig beyond
and I discovered how to
live again.

I was like an empty suitcase
living on forgotten memories
until you packed your heart
inside of me.
And I promise that I’ll keep it
safe and locked away from pain
and only you and I will
have the key.


All Saints’ Eve or Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve or Samhain

All Saints’ Eve or Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve or Samhain.
Tonight the veil is thinner and the starry night is prowlin’
with rowdy revellers, masqueraders, and jack-o-lantern jesters
who plunge their hands through the misty veil to greet their lost ancestors.

Do not fear the dead, my friend, they’ve better things to do
than haunt a house or frighten timid folk like me and you.
Fear more the ignorant living, who use the blessed night
to feed their need for power and greed by giving you a fright.

So here’s to those who’ve gone before, a toast to those who’ve left.
They never meant for you to feel abandoned or bereft.
And if the veil is thinner now and the date auspicious,
perhaps they’ll hear you toasting them and treasure your well wishes.

All Saints’ Eve or Hallowe’en, All Hallows’ Eve or Samhain.
if there was naught to fright before, there’s naught to fright you now and
do no harm to man nor beast, but let your heart be true
for the only evil you should fear is what you bring with you.

What I’ve Learned of Love

Foolish poets speak of love
Foolish lovers quote the poets
they pine and swoon and long for love
till someone else deigns to bestow it.

Poet, lover, both aspire to
lose themselves in someone’s eyes.
Aspire to give their heart away
as if it were some tawdry prize.

I’ve been loved and have loved also,
and what I’ve come to understand
is two can’t become one unless
each are strong enough to stand

alone, but choose to be together,
each one absolutely free
to find delight in one another
and be just as they want to be.



Something is happening.
A beginning where I thought only endings lived.
An awakening from a long troubled sleep.
A quickening of synapses.
It is a moment to be seized,
an opportunity to be exploited
so don’t be surprised
if my goals and attitudes change
course. You are still
my oars and anchor,
my lodestone,
the star by which I steer,
my travelling partner of choice


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