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A Plan

A plan charts the map for the road trip
you’ve always wanted to make.
A plan put wheels on wishes,
distills fuel from day dreams, and
packs a lunch of hope and sandwiches.
A plan.
Gotta get a plan.


The Road to Somewhere

The road to Nowhere
is paved with good intentions
Not Hell, but Nowhere.

Nowhere is a spot
on the side of the road where
hope ran out of gas.

Don’t blame intentions,
they’re only a starting point.
Next time bring a map.

Bring along a friend.
Travel roads paved with laughter;
they lead to Somewhere.


The Moment in Forever

How we used to travel.
We would pack up the equipment and a suitcase
and just drive,
map on my knee,
radio playing a good old song,
your left elbow resting on the edge
of the open window.
You always had a driver’s sunburn
on your left arm.
You wore shades and a hat and
a confident cowboy smile
and time slowed down and
spun around us and if I had to choose
a moment to live in forever it would be
driving deserted prairie roads,
sun beating down,
Hank on the radio,
you at the wheel,
me at the map,
the world spread out before us.



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