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Poem for Moonlit Night

The moon shone bright
in the middle of the night,
rolling ‘round a starry sky,
brushing her hand
‘cross a snowy, sleeping land
she heaved a jaded sigh.

“There’s no one
to play with and have fun
since the water froze below.
And the only sparks
I can kindle in the dark
are the pale ones on the snow.”

Then peering ‘round
a window ledge she found
a dark cascade of prisms.
A beam she cast
sparked a rainbow, and she laughed
as the colours gleamed and glistened.

She played all night
with the prisms and the light
and she never once suspected
that a wakeful eye
was a witness to the sight
and bathed in the light reflected.

What I Dreamed

When I was a kid, my dreams for the future
included flying cars, and world peace,
and vacations at resorts on the moon or in
domes on the bottom of the ocean.
I dreamed of terraforming Mars and boarding
a spaceship as easily as I would step onto a bus.

What a rip.
I guess I stuck around long enough
to see a lot of dreams get left behind like
stacks of old ‘Popular Science’ magazines.

I guess the important dreams were the ones
I didn’t realize I had until they came true;
healthy children,
good friends,
and you.
You’re not what I dreamed of.
You’re better.



Flame Dancer

Fatal moth went flying,
flying through the night,
nightly through the dark,
darkly t’wards the light.

Light pulled like a magnet,
magnetic north, it called,
called the blind to follow,
follow, one and all.

All the moths flew vainly,
vainly t’wards the moon,
mooning for her touch,
touched since the cocoon.

Cocooning through the day,
daily grey moths sleep,
sleep until the moon rise,
rises them to fleet.

Fleet from grey bark nest,
nestled in the brush,
brush dust from their wings
in the frantic rush.

Rush to this new light,
alight on candle’s flame,
flame dancer writhe and fall,
fall and end the game.



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