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Painting a New Home With an Old Life

A new home is like an empty canvas.
Aside from the obvious fresh paint
on the walls,
there is a sense of potential,
a re-evaluation of the corporeal things
that populate our lives, shape
our routines, and represent us
to the world.

We hang a painting on the pristine wall,
place prisms in the windows to spark rainbows,
throw down a hand made rug,
and suddenly the canvas is not so empty anymore.

Some things make the cut,
others languish in liquor boxes
until the next garage sale or are abandoned
on the back doorstep of the nearest
thrift shop.
Only to be discovered by another soul
looking for new colours to splash
upon their own
empty canvas.


Greener Grass

The grass is greener,
at least it’s greener longer,
on some other sides.

Is it wrong to crave
greener pastures, kinder skies,
a gentle lifestyle?

It can’t hurt to look
and if looking turns to change –
the grass is still green.



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