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The Prodigal Child

If necessity is the mother of invention
then imagination must be the dad.
Grandma must have been patience
and the grandfather must have had

a penchant for puttering in toolsheds
and building something from naught
so there might be a few aunts and uncles
who may not have turned out as they ought

(spare parts sometimes being scarce).
Perhaps there are siblings who taunted
invention when she was a child
and made her feel ugly and haunted

her self esteem till she doubted
her sense of her own self worth
so she kept her ideas to herself
instead of enriching the Earth

with her brilliant ideas and advances
bowing instead to her siblings
and inventing them new toys to play with
to quiet their whining and quibbling.

Then one day she looked in the mirror,
saw the person she knew she could be,
saw the dreams that she could believe in,
saw the things that she could achieve.

So at night now, when others are sleeping,
their toys all greedily clutching,
she works on her plans for new improved ways
to save the world from destruction.


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