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Dreamy: Giving pleasure or contentment to the mind or senses. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition)

Whoever  defined the word dreamy
never spent a night in my head.
Or watched my dreams go reeling by
in dozens of tangled threads.

A frightening film festival
of scenes not conducive to rest.
Where every night I win the award
for best self-distressed.

The toddler who runs the projector
has attention deficit disorder
and the one in charge of designing the props
is an unrepentant hoarder.

It’s a messy place in there.
Nothing ‘dreamy’ about it.
Maybe one day I’ll have a ‘dreamy’ dream
but I seriously doubt it.



Wake Up Now Dreamer

Wake up now dreamer
leave your nightmare far behind
know that you are loved.

Wake up now dreamer
your life is waiting for you
to catch up to it.

Wake up now dreamer
bad dreams are not sticks or stones
they cannot hurt you.

Wake up now dreamer
always I’ve been by your side
always I will be.



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