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Travelling Light

If I’d been looking back
to see where I had been
I probably would have stumbled on
opportunities unseen.

So I’ll leave the past in the past.
It’s gone, and it’s done its part.
Whatever I need to remember
is already stored in my heart.

Eyes wide to the future, I step out
and leave the baggage behind.
I’m travelling lighter now-a-days
if only in my mind.

With Apologies to Lao Tse and Yoda

We try to be the best we can
but if we do not understand
what that best could really be
we’re missing opportunities

to plumb the depths and reach the heights
of all the many things we might
achieve if we just looked inside.
Do or do not – there is no ‘try’.



Turning Points

My head feels like it’s spinning
but it’s really just a procession of
turning points, back to back, spiralling
just out of reach.
Opportunity knocking at my brain
then running away.
So many opportunities that
by the time I’ve mourned the fact
that I can’t take advantage of them all,
yet another set has slipped away.
I could grab one and stuff it in my pocket
but it would probably fade,
like a bus transfer that you roll and fold
until it resembles flannelette.
No, I think I’d better catch it with my teeth,
like a jungle cat, and drag it away,
up into a tree and devour it.
Yes, opportunities should be devoured.
Turning points should be stalked, pounced upon,
and devoured.



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