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Perils of the Overachiever

Never go first down the garden path
life’s a journey, it isn’t a race,
and the person who’s first is always the one
who gets cobwebs in her face.


Red Wine and Good Conversation

Red wine and good conversation make
the years fall away
and sometimes it’s the telling
over of the past that makes the future
Brushing away
cobwebs, sweeping aside
twigs, and kicking stones
can make a path easier;
make the choice of turn
or twist clearer, but
horizons being what they are,
all roads lead to ruin.
But for now there is red wine
and good conversation.




Too many paths to choose from and yet
they all wind up the same place I bet.
Straight as a die
or as the crow flies
is never as straight as it seems,
especially when swimming upstream.
But that’s silly,
crows don’t swim.


The Paved Road

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,
But sometimes good intentions make for lousy travel plans.

Because, although the road is paved, someone forgot to mention
It’s also filled with detours leading back where you began.

The road to Hell is full of speed bumps, jagged holes and glass shards.
You sprint, you jump, you never thought a road could be so hard.

Then, somewhere along the way, you see this road you travel,
although paved, is harder to traverse than one that’s gravel.

And it’s never going to lead you where you really want to go.
I’m walking down a different path, to Hell with the paved road.



One step, but which way?
Close my eyes and see the path,
open my mind, walk.



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