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Flat Glass

Computer screen
Camera lens
The world comes to me through
a pane of flat glass.

If what I see through my television screen
isn’t real,
is anything?
I will take off my glasses and walk outside  
and look.
That will be real.
but real


Perfect days are few and many
depending on the view and any
baggage we imbue them with
and the colour of our glasses.

Perfect days are many and few
particularly when we cue
our reactions to the clues
purported by the masses.

So take the many and lose the few
like lucky pennies ‘neath your shoe
Perfect days are point of view
and too easily forgot.

Yes, lose the few and take the many
the way is strewn with diamonds when we
look at life anew perfection’s
easier than we thought.



The Light that Holds the Night at Bay

And when I flip this switch the night outside will be gone
and all the windows will gleam with our reflections.
Reflections of you and me and the couch and chair
Reflections of the inner world we create and inhabit.

Like a wall of mirrors, the dark reflections on windows and
patio doors infer that what transpires without  
is not as important as what transpires within
I close my eyes and wonder

if the inside of my lids are like the mirror windows.
If I could turn on a light in my head
would everything outside of it disappear?
Would my mind be inundated with dark reflections

Of you and me and thoughts and dreams
As though the perceptions and memories of love
Were more important than the fact
I open my eyes in wonder and see as I’ve never seen before. 

Hold me.



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