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Why do I dream of beautiful things

falling apart, of useless relics underfoot,

of strangers in my home?

Are my dreams some strange waystation

for past, present, and future baggage;

a merging place for alternate realities

where outcomes are all able to occupy

the same space at the same time?

This is what comes from failing Physics in high school.

Why do I dream impossible foolishness?

What crossed circuit or over tired synapse

is responsible for my dreams of broken glass

and spilled wine?

My REM cycle seems to have a flat

and I awake, gasping for air.


# 197



Some would have us all believe externals do not matter,
that everything resides within and we control our fate.
the former may be true but I tend to doubt the latter
‘cause minus forty’s deadly no matter what your mental state.

It isn’t safe to disregard what’s really real around you
and think you can control the laws of physics with your mind,
but yes, you can ignore the window dressing that surrounds you
and walk right by the foolish ads, if you are so inclined.

The trick, it seems to me, is knowing what is or isn’t real
and knowing what to pay attention to, or leave alone.
Adjust yourself to fit the facts no matter how you feel.
Adjust the fiction to fit yourself and all the stress is gone.


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