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Laundry Day

If everything
is happening
all at the same time
then different tenses
don’t make sense
and there is no design
that we can plan
to plot our span
with any accuracy
tomorrow, today,
it’s all the same
chronological fantasy.

But where’s the logic, chrono or not?
I hate to throw a damper,
but I think we’ve all been thrown into
a galactic laundry hamper.
Furthermore this time space thing
seems to be pure bosh.
But I’m pretty sure eventually
it’ll all come out in the wash.



The Paved Road

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,
But sometimes good intentions make for lousy travel plans.

Because, although the road is paved, someone forgot to mention
It’s also filled with detours leading back where you began.

The road to Hell is full of speed bumps, jagged holes and glass shards.
You sprint, you jump, you never thought a road could be so hard.

Then, somewhere along the way, you see this road you travel,
although paved, is harder to traverse than one that’s gravel.

And it’s never going to lead you where you really want to go.
I’m walking down a different path, to Hell with the paved road.



Always a faint hope
doing stuff I’ve always done
might yield new results.

Always a vague thought
that results may not reflect
a lot of what’s true.

Always a slight chance
that I’m overthinking things.
I do that a lot.



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