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It’s the End of the World Again

Calendars are tricky things
they habitually pull the wings
off our days and stuff them in
a nasty little cage.

Cages stacked four or five high
all cramped and crowded, side by side
assigned a number and  divided
into different pages.

We cross them out and tick them off,
place cryptic notes within the blocks,
And watch them like slow moving clocks
where minutes move like hours

Admiring their reliability
we cede to them responsibility
to direct our brave futility
with their pedantic powers.

But calendars are simple drones
They have no power of their own
Even if they’re carved in stone
By enterprising Mayans.

So make your plans and don’t loose sleep
Just count, and do not join, the sheep
time is precious, talk is cheap,
tomorrow will be fine.


Numbers Make Me Number

Numbers bother me.
Simple ones not so much but
ones that hide their true identity behind letters,
x and y and all that, they
bother me.
Who do these shifty figures with secret
identities they think they are, super heroes,
carrying their power on their shoulders, numbers
to the power of other numbers.
And why must we always solve for x?
I think it’s time x learned to be a little less cryptic.

Now the price of tea I understand and I
mentally add up my grocery bill so I’m not dangerously
startled at the checkout counter, but
algebra confounds me
It sounds like a terrorist sect
doesn’t it? Al Jibra…

I love letters.
I love their clean, intelligent ability
to explain something with perfect clarity.
I love their infinite flexibility,
their magical ability to assemble into words, at once
familiar, yet with nuance and inference wide open
to interpretation.

I guess I’ve always thought of numbers as the poor
cousins of letters, useful, but not very bright.



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