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Ode to a Lunky

Square and triangular
snippets of cloth,
may fortune protect you
from tea stains and moths.

The shapes that you tumble
all over my bed
make me think of the stars
that shine overhead.

Sometimes I see arrows
that point to the rims
of long, folded mountains
that form over limbs.

Sometimes I see houses
all scattered around,
(although not quite enough
to declare it a town.)

Sometimes four petalled flowers
appear and then fade,
like violets that wink from
their homes in the shade.

Pretty snippets of cloth,
triangles and squares,
I just know I sleep better
whenever you’re there.


(‘lunky’ is what our youngest used to call blankets)

My Mother’s Quilt – Part II

Baltimore Album
Hand appliqued, hand quilted
Legacy of love.

Testament to skill.
Tribute to perseverance.
Homage to patience.

A source of comfort
beyond words or memories,
soft beneath my hand.


Days Like These

On days like these
I’d like to be
at home with a quilt upon my knees
with a cup of tea,
just you and me,
and a cat that wouldn’t make you sneeze.

On days like these
I need a squeeze
and, because it’s just that season
a Christmas tree
and something sweet
to nibble on while we both read. 

On days like these
We need not leave
our home to go outside and freeze
I do believe
We should take our ease             
indoors in indolence on days like these.



My Mother’s Quilt

My mother’s quilt hangs on the wall.
Sometimes I touch it lightly as I walk by
Its softness reminds me of her skin and
the colours remind me of her gardens.
She loved her gardens.

I remember her rose trees,
tall as me and covered with blood red roses.
Come fall she’d loosen the soil around their roots,
lay them in a trench, and bury them.
Spring would bring the resurrection.
The stark, dirty sticks would waken,
leaf out, and bloom again.
A botanist would tell you it was a technique,
a method of wintering roses.
But I think they came back each year
because they loved my mother.

I touch the quilt again.



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